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    Cant install extensions or put solutions into practice, someone hold my hand please


      Im using Windows 8 I dont know what version on what update or how to find out

      I have extension manager CS6 and Flash CS6

      Flash is a recognised product by extension manager

      Ive tried extensions: Keycaddy Pro, Keycaddy (latest free version) and something else compatible with Flash CS6

      "extension package is invalid, the package will not be installed"

      The extensions sit in my downloads and come blocked, i will unblock them through properties, i dont know if thats the key

      Reading forums have asked me to validate signatures, i have no clue, how do

      or create a file called in extension manager folder and use command prompt for next step, i couldnt even redirect the path to extension manager, let alone know if i made a correct file

      I need someone to hold my hand step for step, whatever it takes, some one please hold my hand