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    Minion Pro fonts I was using disapeared after InDesign CC crash--any ideas what to do?


      I'm fairly inexperienced with InDesign, but this summer I took over laying out a quarterly newsletter. The primary font my predecessor and I have been using is Minion Pro, and I put the last issue together without any problem. This weekend I've been working on the Fall issue, which is now almost finished. Last night, Adobe CC InDesign crashed; this morning, Minion Pro bold and Minion Pro italics are gone. *poof* Pink highlighting everywhere. Does anyone have any idea what might have happened, and/or what I might do to get them back? If not, what would those more knowledgeable suggest for a substitute? Thank you in advance.


      Additional Information: Before starting this issue's layout, I had to switch from my Mac, which died, to a PC. So, I'm not sure if this problem might be connected to platform?