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    Clicking on Catalog Folder does not bring up photos

    Fred Haaser

      Windows 8, 8 GM RAM, 4K monitors, high quality video board, 125K images in catalog

      • I have tried everything I can think of to get my catalog to work properly
      • I have optimized the catalog numerous times
      • I have tried regressing to Version 5.5 from 5.6
      • Have cleaned up the hard drive the library exists on
      • Have asked for small preview jpgs
      • When I right click on the folder and say show in Explorer it knows where the folder is
      • Folders in the top of the catalog work fine
      • Folders in the bottom half do not respond (stays on currently opened folder)
      • Trying without any browser open
      • Plenty of unused RAM
      • Only way to open folder is to REMOVE it, the IMPORT again, but then all edits are lost


      Thousands of photos behind - any ideas?