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    What Monitor or Monitors Should I Buy?

    Espience Films Level 1

      I just built my first Video Editing PC. i7 4790k, 16GB RAM, GTX 760...it is amazingly fast for what I need...The only problem is I have 2 older monitors. 1 is 1080p and the other is 1600X900. They are ok but different brightness, horrible colors, light bleeding. only 22". My production is starting to increase and I feel my monitor is really the short coming of all of my equipment but I don't know what to do. Next year I am getting a GH4 or other 4k Camera and I a thinking possibly the $600 Samsung 4k monitor? But I heard Windows is TERRIBLE at scaling or that it will be too tiny to use. The other is the Asus PB278Q. Either 1 or 2. I really am thinking that Monitor but are there any better ones or better Monitors setups I should have? I  like the LG 34UM95 but that is WAY out of my range. I would like to keep it under 500 if at all possible.