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    I'm using the trial version


      I did some face swap, now I would like to use the Auto layer blend option, but it's not highlighted under the selection. What can i do to use this option. Like the colors to match. Any advice is desperately needed asap pls !!!!

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          norman.sanders Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Auto-Blend Layers is a function that is used to either seamlessly assemble a panoramic from several related images, or to selectively choose areas within a stacked and aligned set of identical files that differ only in  point of focus so that the final result is an image with greater depth sharpness than any one image alone. It is not designed for the result you have in mind.


          Regarding your project, although there is a command that, under certain circumstances, may offer success (Image>Adjustments>Match Color), you would be better served by learning to work with Curves or Levels in order to color balance the replacement face with the image in which it is to be inserted.