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    lip correction


      hi guys,


      how do I enhance lips in after effects and/or change lip color ?

      you see, in this shot the lips don't look good because the make up around the borders of the lips is too egregious/noticeable


      צילום מסך (43).png

      so what can i make to make it look really proffesional?




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You will probably end up drawing and animating mask and using them over and over again as guides for effects like RevisionFX' RE:Fill and SmoothKit, possibly even some warping/ morphing with RE:Flex. You could also use the masks to create a sharper separation by applying a lip-colored stroke and blending it in with a slight blur. Also check the various "beautification" plug-ins from Digital Anarchy and Red Giant with their adaptive blurs and color corrections.