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    onRollOut problem

    sbryner Level 1
      Hey all,

      I've made a button_mc with an "_off" , "_over" and "_out" state (works fine)
      I've also made the onRelease state gotoAndPlay("_out") state as well so when clicked
      it doesn't just jump back to the off state looking jerky but a little more smooth.

      Problem is when I rollOut of the button_mc it after "clicking" the button it jumps to the "_out" state again.
      I want to put an if () statement in the onRollOut function but don't know how to
      code it. Here is my first try but I dont' know what would be the correct coding for it.

      Thanks for any ideas,
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          liquidleaf Level 1
          You can't use button_mc.gotoAndPlay("_out") == true to test for anything, because gotoAndPlay is a function.

          Instead, you can use button_mc._currentframe to test the current frame number. Which means you'd have to find out the number of the frame that you have the "_out" label attached to... then use that number as follows (say "_out" falls on frame 4).

          if (button_mc._currentframe != 4) {

          No need for the "do nothing" statement.
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            sbryner Level 1
            Thanks for the help.

            I didn't work on the "_out" state but on the "_up" state on frame one
            since I had clicked on it and it would loop through the "_out" state back
            to frame one.

            Works Great. I didn't know about _currentframe. Now I do.

            Thanks for the help