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    Blank Error box wont go away!


      I have been working on this project for 3+ Hours and forgot to save and right as i was about to render it this blank error box appeared and there is no option do anything and i cant click out of it so that means i cant save the project! Please help!

      Here is what it looks like: Gyazo - da0112b6c7e16fd5082f8d805a61b657.png


      If anyone knows how to fix this PLEASE respond!

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          Tehcodkid Level 1

          After clicking on the bottom right corner of the box it will disappear then re appear within a matter of milliseconds, I have been working for hours on this and dont want to loose all of my progress on this project! If anyone can tell me or suggest for me what to do i would greatly appreciate this.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Nobody can say anything without some system info, details about the project or even knowing what exact version of AE. Presumably you dialed in an invalid/ excessive value in some effect and you will need to fix that. Enable capslock and try to get rid of the warning, then disable your effects.



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              Tehcodkid Level 1

              Due to the fact that I couldn't go to my desktop or minamize After effects I just closed the program with task manager and started from my previous save. I am sorry for wasting your time but if this happens again I will definitely try this out. Thanks again.