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    Lightroom mobile sync issue; blacked out photos


      My Lightroom desktop seems to sync my identified collections and corresponding exif data with my iPad3 and Iphone5, however the pictures visually do not show up anymore (they remain blacked out). This is on both the Iphone and iPad. I have had it work perfectly on both devices until recently. I have tried almost everything I could find on the Internet and forums, but I can't get it to work (deleted mobile sync files and data; deleted, signed out apps, etc). On the web link lightroom.adobe.com/libraries I can see my collections/pictures, but they refuse to visually show up in my mobile apps. So it seems that there is a issue between the Adobe server and my devices? Could somebody please advise how to get this resolved? Thanks in advance, Ton Vernaus

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          greule Adobe Employee

          Have you tried to re-sign-in to the Lr Mobile app or to force quit and restart again Lr Mobile.

          If you still see the issue after that please send out a LR Mobile diagnostig log


          The Lr Mobile app log can be triggered when you open up the settings and long press the to LR Icon a diagnostic log will be generated and attached to your local mail client.




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            Louismac Level 1

            Dear Guido,


            I was actually talking to the support desk when I saw your reaction. I just send the log from the mobile app incl text reference to the issue. the support desk was not able to resolve the issue thus far. They also would look further into it as well (there were apparently more issue like this).


            Thanks and regards, Ton