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    1:1 previews and over all slow LR 5 performance

    majedphotos Level 1

      Hi all i have a new mac book pro  16 GB and flash hard drive 2.3 i7 with   IOS 10.9.5

      latest LR version and it was working great with me


      now the catalog is slow and i did all the things in this page


      10 Tips to Improve Lightroom's Speed and Performance Without Additional Hardware - Digital Photography School


      with the cache 20 GB and create 1:! previews  and they will discard after 1 month

      the other thing i notice that after i create 1:! previews  there are many photos in library i need to wait there loading so that i can see them 1:1 clear  !! so why is that


      i also did a catalog optimisation and i am not new with LR


      by the way i am also connecting my mac book pro with 27 screen   is that making and slow performance ?