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    Removing many tracking markers


      Hello all,

      I'm working on a project were I am required to replace a screen in many different shots.

      In order to keep the natural reflections, I'd like to start out by painting out the tracking marks (there are 8)

      Stationary shots can be handled with the built-in painting tools, and takes about 5 seconds.

      When the camera moves, however, The paint marks move the camera so a different technique is needed.


      This tutorial seems like the best solution

      I'm new to after effects, so I may be missing an obvious solution, but this seems unnecessarily difficult.

      Do I need to set up all of this 8 different times for each shot?!


      If I could get a big, transparent canvas, I could paint out all 8 quickly, and then parent that layer to 1 tracking point on the screen, so that it would follow the tripod movement.
      Is there a way to set this up?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are lots of ways to do this, no one technique fits all scenarios. Sometimes I stabilize (not Warp Stabilize) the shot so the object I'm going to paint isn't moving, then paint on a new layer and then remove the stabilization and apply the motion to the new layer, Sometimes I use Mocha to create corner pin tracking that I can use to replace elements in the scene, sometimes I just track points and attach the clone tool to the track points, sometimes I have to Stabilize, Roto, Clone, and do a bunch of other things. Almost all of the shots that I shoot that are going to require replacing elements DO NOT have tracking markers added because you don't need them 98% of the time. The technique depends entirely on your shot. If your shot is similar to the shot in the tutorial the technique is probably pretty efficient. I may have stabilized the shot first and then re-introduced motion using the technique in this quick sample I threw together a while ago. Sorry there's no audio explanation but you should get the idea.

          If you can show us a specific shot we can probably suggest 3 or 4 ways to remove the markers.

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            ParkerB-ross Level 1

            I really like your idea of stabilizing, painting, and then un-stabilizing, but I found that the shot had too much distortion to make that feasible.
            Drat. Thank you so much for the explanation though!


            I've been tracking, and clone-stamping each point individually, as it seems like the simplest method for this shot.

            In retrospect, the tracking points were largely unnecessary; I'm spending more time painting them out, then I am replacing the screen.


            Even though a solution has been found, I'd like to point out to any developers in the room that this is a cumbersome method to accomplish a simple task.

            It would probably be very easy to write a script where I could just clone-stamp, and have the it automatically be set up with a track point, which I could quickly manage.

            Rather than manually pick-whipping every single time, and getting lost in the layers of the timeline.


            If I knew a bit more about scripting, I'd attempt it myself


            Anyway, Thank you for your help, Rick.
            Have a great day!