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    Still getting "trouble verifying you membership" message


      I seem to have nothing but problems with my CC account. This round is about continually receiving a "trouble verifying your membership"  message every time I open a CC application. It started at 60 days, I'm now at 10 days left, and regardless of who I email, no one from Adobe want to help fix this.


      I first spoke with Jeff Tranberry directly at PSW14 in September, and he asked me to email the details of the issue, which I did.

      Jeff then handed it off to a Joginder Kumar, who called me to schedule another call (Why that was needed when I was on the phone, I'll never understand) the next day, September 10, 2014. He never called back, nor will either Jeff nor Joginder respond to my emails.


      I feel I have been incredibly patient trying to resolve this issue, but again, Adobe seems to ignore their problem solving duties.


      Any idea how I can end this message so it doesn't turn off my account in 10 days? I'm paid through 09/2015!Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 4.09.19 PM.png