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    Adobe’s Common Extensibility Platform CEP create pulldown with InDesign Attributes

    romanobstuder Level 1

      Hi all


      I am working on a plugin that follows the new CEP way of doing things.


      How do I create a pulldown that reflects the InDesign Attributes?

      I am sure this is a standard functionality that many Extension/Plugins will need.


      It is easy enough to create the index.html with a field that will display the values. (Then again: Adobe CEP: array as a datalist for an input field doesn’t work.)

      The jsApp.js would need to handle the traffic between the display field and the jsxApp.jsx. (Would we need to check the validity of the field?)


      A simple example would be to "choose" between the colors in the swatches. (This would not need a validity check as we only flick between the existing values in the swatches).


      Anyway just the mechanics between the HTML5 panel to the jsxApp.jsx are tricky enough. Anybody has a working template for such a task?


      Thank you for your help