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    Any idea why this font has a green tinge to it when applying a textFormat?




      I have two text fields - one created dynamically (top), and another I created on flash's desktop using the text tool (bottom):




      Both use the same font, and both have their colors set to 0x999999, but the top one ends up with a green tinge.


      Any idea why this occurs?


      Here's the code I use for making the top text field:


              t = new TextField();

              t.x = 10;

              t.width = Math.round(bg.width - 20);

              t.height = 18;

              t.antiAliasType = AntiAliasType.ADVANCED;

              t.sharpness = 400;

              t.embedFonts = Theme.embedFonts;

              t.defaultTextFormat = Theme.textFormat2;

              t.text = name;

              t.y = 3;



      Thanks for your time and help.