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    Can't find option to "Close page" button, and fit to Browser




      I am fairly new to InDesign. I am trying to create an E-Learning Module, which opens from Moodle, fit a full screen browser and create a button on the last page to close the presentation.


      I have worked out how to add other page buttons, and have done a bit of research, however I found only many unanswered questions relating to these questions.


      Is  there a way to:

      1) Create a button which creates an action on the browser to close (going back to the beneath webpage) and,

      2) An option on export to the SWF file so that when it is opened, the entire document will fit to the user's screen (currently my presentation ends up bottom right-hand corner, and I need to manually re-adjust the page).


      Any information would be amazing, I have a presentation soon and I would love to have these issues ironed out soon.


      Many Thanks