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    Grep query - optional character, leading zeros & shortening words

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      I have recently been taught (thanks to this forum) how to use Grep searches (wish I’d known about it years ago!). I still can’t get my head around some of the search strings - hoping someone can shed some light & explain what the components are doing so I can further utilise them?


      I have dates for a travel brochure, given to me sometimes separated by commas without the date (2, 3, 4, 5) & I need to put each date into its own cell in a table with the month next to them (with no space & going across left to right) + with a leading zero for single digits (02Jan /t 03Jan /t 04Jan /t 05Jan).


      How can I get it to add a leading zero for single digits & add the month to the last number that doesn’t have the comma (which I otherwise utilise in the search)? (The way I get it currently is  2Jan /t 3Jan /t 4Jan /t 5).


      I can’t seem to work out the optional character command.


      The other problem I have is that the months need to be shortened to just the first 3 digits & I’m not sure how to do that, either.


      Any light shed would be appreciated!


      Using current Indd on Mac.


      Message was edited by: Alleyna Lenton I have just found (through searching IndesignSecrets) how to do the optional comma: (\d+),?    ->    $1Mar\t  (although I'm not clear whether the '+' after '\d' represents more than 1 or any number of digits?) Just the other 2 probs I have - abbreviating words to first 3 characters & adding a zero to the front of single digits.