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    ACR vendor process?

    amilewide Level 1

      What's the (camera vendor) process for adding new camera models into ACR?  Is their an SDK/API?  Standard contract and fees for covering integration and testing resources?

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          The camera makers send a camera to the ACR engineers and they decode the raw files…and the engineers do this for not cost to the camera makers–they are doing it for the ACR customers.

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            amilewide Level 1

            Hi Jeff,


            Love your book, The Digital Negative (your cover exposure still blows me away), LuLa videos with you, Seth and other PGs.  Very honored to hear from you!  One word, Foveon.. but before you hang up..


            I'm with a small firm, Kalpanika, working with a couple of X3 pixel geniuses.  We share a collective interest in the potential of the vertical color filter array, and hope to deliver a native raw X3 LR workflow solution via ACR, something beyond linear DNG.  Kevin has generously put us in touch with Eric and Sharad, and wonder if it's possible, from Adobe's business perspective, to entertain such a venture - especially if Kalpanika could wrap it up nicely with a bow.


            I've been in direct contact with Foveon and Sigma, and while they may be short on resources and go-to-market strategies, the IQ is there - especially for deliberate landscaper shooters with tripods.  With ACR support, design improvements (and good light), Sigma might be able to offer the poor man's MF system to the masses at 1/10th cost.  Without a direct, native raw LR workflow, their investment in Foveon and their camera division may swirl down the drain.


            Are we crazy?  Too many barriers?  You still in Chicago?


            Thanks again for your reply.