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    Installation hangs as a process


      I have a client who can not get Flash installed on her system for Internet Explorer, or Firefox.  Her system is running Win 7 32-bit.


      For either browser, when the installation process begins, it just hangs...For example in IE, I un-select the option for Chrome, then click the yellow Install button.


      I get the "Initialzing" animation, and a moment later I get the "if you encounter a problem, blah blah" text.  And that's it.


      If I check the Task Manager, the "install_flashplayer15x32ax_chrd_dn_awa_aih" process is still running, using 0% CPU time and about 12MB of RAM.  It hangs there forever.


      I've tried uninstalling Flash and re-installing it, but have only made things worse.  (Firefox used to work.. it doesn't now)



      Please, someone, toss me a bone here.  My only remaining option is a complete re-install at this point.