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    Why does my electronic signature disappear when I send document to be signed by client


      I converted a word document into PDF.  I edited this document, added form fields for client to fill out.  I need to be able to add both my and my client's signatures.  I first tried to add my own digital signature, but it would not allow me to send it to my client properly because it was being read as already signed; they were not able to fill any fields.  I then added 2 digital signature areas enabling echosign, one for me to sign and one for them to sign.  I successfully added my signature:


      Saved this document, uploaded it to echosign and successfully sent to my client.  My client signed, but the PDF I received back only has her signature; and her signature is at the bottom, not on the signature line as the screen shot previously with my signature.

      Signature is at the end of contract with the certificate of signature on the following page.  I'm not posting the screenshot as it shares personal information of my client. 
      Help would be appreciated.  I just need to understand how to enter my signature along with their so that we are both bound to the agreement.  Otherwise I am still wet signing, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.


      Thank you - Jenn