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    Question on building a temp catalog that has are your presets, your color labels defined etc

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      WWhat I plan on doing is having a master catalog on my desktop then use temporary catalogs for each shoot.  I want to have a sample temp catalog that has everything setup just like my master catelog.  I wish to be able copy it rename to the active temp catelog.  This way all my plugins, prefresences are already in the new temp catelog.  Is there a way to do this easy ie copy sample catelog then rename or can you do it another way I want color label prefresences and keyword list etc to be all ready to import the images in to it and start the culling, organizing and then editing. 


      Ive ve just learner end that this is one of the preferred methods of multiple computer using a single master catelog.  Either create the cat and import it or export to check out the images then reimport when you return.  It seams the logical control setup for a single catelog system that doesn't allow for versioning and file checkout within the program which would be nice if ver 6 had these options plus network capabilitY. The lr mobile needs keywording in addition to the culling and rating plus the color labels.  The thing missing is keywording if it can be done please tell me how I'm lr mobile. I rather use the iPad for the culling, rating and sorting plus keywording and leave the develop module on the computer if it has to do with limitations on an iPad app lets have the full library functions before editing the looks of an image other than what can be done in the library mod.


      so I got two things here the most important is the cloning of a sample catelog that has everything including plugins, preferences, etc.  if you have it in the sample it is in the cloned working copy that you can rename.