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    Open PDF File

      Hi all,

      How can i open a pdf file, from clicking in a buton?

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          The easiest way is with the BudAPI xtra (www.mods.com.au/budapi), It
          has a command called baOpenFile that will launch a file in the
          application that it is associated with. So, if you have Acrobat reader
          (or anything that is capable of reading pdfs), this command wil open it

          baOpenFile(the moviePath&"filename.pdf","normal")

          BuddyAPI is free to use up to 2 functions.
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            Usually an xtra is involved, the buddyAPI xtra (free when you use only a
            couple of different functions) can open the pdf file using acrobat, it
            also has functions to verify that end user has acrobat installed.

            (sorry I don't have the lingo handy, but it's commonly available)

            the pdfXtra uses acrobat to render the pdf on the director stage

            imprasario renders pdf in director without a helper application
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              Hi, all
              In previous version of director (up to MX2004), there is way to open PDF file in stage of director.
              1. First in the Cast member insert the activeX and put it into score.
              2. then inbetween put the following script in frame script.
              on prepareFrame me
              loadFile(sprite 35, the moviePath & "PDF\alcochild.pdf")
              3. It works.
              But I need, why it is not working newer version of Director.
              Please, help, me.