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    Kuler -- from "Cool Community" to "Killer App"

      . . . Search by Hex (or RGB) value.

      I know this has been suggested before, but it needs to be emphasized how incredibly useful this function would be.

      Many times, we designers have a single color (or more) chosen, or even more regularly, a corporate logo, scheme, or palette we are working off of.

      Right now, kuler is wonderful for discovery, browsing, etc. But, if I could take the #0376ab logo that has been handed down to me by my clueless client or bull-headed boss, and instantly discover already amazing palettes (as decided by the beautiful mass collective of passionate kuler users) that titillate the senses and teem with inspiration-- I would visit kuler for each and every design project that popped into my head.

      And I (along with every other blogger/designer in the universe) will sing your praises to each and every one of my colleagues and comrades once this feature exists. Please hurry! :)