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    Programming your own workflow plugins


      Hey folks,


      I've seen people asking "how do I select all clips in the timeline downstream?" and get the answer: Track Selection Tool! Which is quite ok, but for me, the Avid Media Composer way is a bit faster: I hold Alt/Opt and press 2, and all clips on all active tracks will be highlightet (pressing 1 selects upstream). So no need to click the timeline with the cursor and check to see if you got all the clips you need based on where you clicked with this clunky double arraw symbol. Since there's no function like this in Premiere I can't really hook up my beloved Alt/Opt+2-shortcut, so I looked into programming such a plugin myself, but all I've done is script-based plugins (LScript in LightWave, MEL-script in Maya, Action Script, and so on), so sitting down with a cup of coffee and a fresh install of Xcode with the Adobe Premiere CC SDK loaded up didn't yield the quick results I had hoped for. "What the hell's a double pointer? Or tripple, for that matter.. I give up..." There's just too big a gap between C++ and the more functional simple scripting plugin languages like Action Script, After Efects scripts and so on.


      So the way I see it I'm left with three options: Accepting the Track Selection Tool. Or spend lots of time learning basic C++ and dig around the Premiere SDK for hours to try to understand how to do this the hard way, or ask here if someone with C++ skills thinks this is easily done, how long time it would take to do set up an Xcode project with such workflow functions in mind, maybe one I could edit and add to myself. I'd be willing to pay for such a favor, but for the moment it's more a question of "is it possible, and how difficult is it?"


      About my system: iMac 2013, Premier Pro CC 2014


      Also on my wishlist: Being able to select a point on a clip in the timeline where to start or end a fade, instead of having to constantly adjust fade length after adding them. Also havein a pop up proceed a crossfade, asking: "How long do you want the crossfade to be (in frames)?"