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    Flex 2/CFMX 7.0.2/IIS 6.0

      My development environment is setup to match my production environment as closely as possible.....

      So I have Coldfusion (installed as server configuration, not multi or J2EE) and IIS6 setup on a server lets call WebServer

      There is an IIS Website setup called TestSite at IP
      There is a DNS entry setup called TestSite pointing to that IP

      So if I were developing normal Coldfusion website. I would place all files in a folder and access the application like:
      http://Testsite ....


      Now I would like to start developing flex 2 applications. I installed Flex 2 builder/coldfusion extensions on WorkstationA
      which is where dreamweaver is installed and works flawlessly with RDS to develop coldfusion sites etc....

      I go to create a Flex project in the Flex Builder
      File - New - Flex Project

      I then choose
      Coldfusion Flash Remoting Service

      I uncheck Use local Coldfusion server as the coldfusion server is not local, its remote.
      I have mapped a drive on WorkstationA ( v:\ ) which points to the website TestSite's root folder

      FIRST PROBLEM - No WEB-INF folder is there.... Ok so I copy the WEB-INF folder from d:\cfusionmx7\wwwroot to v:\
      Validate Location... success

      For Root URL I choose the URL for the site: HTTP://TESTSITE
      Click Next

      For Project Name I say TestSite

      Uncheck default location and put in v:\

      immediately I see a message that a folder called bin already exists in the project location and will be overwritten....fine

      click next....

      a Red X appears at the top of the next dialog....
      Says: Invalid path for resource: /bin. Must include project and resource name.

      I try adding v:\ to the path of the main app file and to the output folder path.... error goes away.

      Looks like I'm good, but If I edit the application, save and try to run it I get a page cannot be found error...
      The URL is http://testsite/bin/testsite.html which IS IN the bin folder.

      What the hell..... somebody please help me with this. I would love to actually start learning and coding flex, but for the life of me I can't figure out these paths and requirment to get the project to run...