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    CF Builder 3 Debugging

    Joe MC

      When debugging in CF Builder 3, there is a dialog that pops up asking how you want to debug. The choices are 'ColdFusion Application' or 'ColdFusion Client Applications'. I am never going to choose 'ColdFusion Client Applications'. Is there a way to always run as 'ColdFusion Application' without having to select from this dialog every time? CF Builder 2 would just start running as soon as you hit the debug button without a dialog popping up. I guess I'm wondering if there is anyway to get CF Builder 3 to work the same. Thank you.

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          Kaif Akbar Level 1

          Actually in ColdFusion Builder 3 as further enhancement to the product than previous version, options for both 'ColdFusion Application' or 'ColdFusion Client Applications' was provided so that as per the kind of application or page, debugging can be done whereas in ColdFusion Builder 2 only option was available for "ColdFusion Application".


          I would let you know if there would be any option available to stick to 'ColdFusion Application' debugging only..