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    flash XML slideshow

    serg2049 Level 1
      I need a fully customizable flash xml slideshow, so that I can change fonts for the captions, put the captions over the pic, change everything I want and put captions, thumbnails in any part of the canvas, and even not show thumbnails if I want.

      Any link to a site where I can purchase something like this? In the worst case maybe a tutorial? I'd rather learn to do it myself, but not now cause I'm in a hurry so I want to buy one...
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          crazyjoemilan Level 2
          I think there are quite a few products like this out there. The only thing you'll need to do is mess around with the fonts, because those need to be either embedded, or imported (From another .swf) which requires you getting your hands on the .FLA, not just an output .swf file.

          The problem with packaged templates is you end up sacrificing a little bit in the way of design (and by a little, I mean a lot).

          Czech out capsanteintl.com - that site runs a small XML gallery, but it just runs through the XML file. Is this what you're thinking, or more intense? If I were you, I'd find a simple one (like that) and modify it.

          I wrote that one ;)