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    AS2 class linkage breaks with imported symbols

      I stumbled upon this while trying to customize the tree component following the example on the LiveDocs, see http://livedocs.adobe.com/flash/8/main/00004117.html

      To see the problem, do the following:

      PART 1:
      1) create an empty test.fla file
      2) put a tree component on the stage
      3) convert it to a symbol named TreeNavMenu, export for Actionscript as TreeNavMenu
      4) link it to the AS2 class TreeNavMenu
      5) create the TreeNavMenu.as file as per livedocs (see above link)
      6) put a "trace('initialized');" in the constructor for TreeNavMenu
      7) publish test.fla and run test.swf and you'll see a "initialized" trace line

      PART 2:
      8) create a library.fla file containing a symbol, say a label or whatever, e.g. named "sample"
      9) do a linkage/export for runtime sharing on that symbol
      10) publish library.swf
      11) import that "sample" symbol in the test.fla file containing the tree and put it on stage, i.e. to be clear, mark that symbol as "import for runtime sharing" from library.swf
      12) now publish test.fla and run the test.swf again, and although the imported symbol will show up, no "initialized" trace message for the customized tree will show up.

      my code is more complex, but this is what it boils down to. to me it looks like the AS2 class initialization just does not happen once I import anything from a runtime libary. The class is there, but it does not get executed somehow. I tried it manually via Object.registerClass() etc. but that was not successful either.

      So my questions:
      1) is this a bug?
      2) did I forget something, should I do something else?
      3) if none of the above: how can these two things be combined otherwise?

      much appreciated.