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    cfdirectory showing folders but not files CF11


      I'm using the cfdirectory example code right of Adobe's site yet in CF11 I can only get it to show the folders in the directory and not any of the files.  Is it possibly a security setting in CF11?


      The code is pretty basic:


      <cfdirectory directory="D:/IIS" name="dirQuery" action="LIST">


      <!--- Get an array of directory names. --->

      <cfset dirsArray=arraynew(1)>

      <cfset i=1>

      <cfloop query="dirQuery">

      <cfif dirQuery.type IS "dir">

          <cfset dirsArray[i]=dirQuery.name>

          <cfset i = i + 1>



      <cfdump var="#dirsArray#">


      <!--- Get all directory information in a query of queries.--->

      <cfquery dbtype="query" name="dirsOnly">

      SELECT * FROM dirQuery

      WHERE TYPE='Dir'


      <cfdump var="#dirsOnly#"