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    cuda 5 for intel graphics 4000


      please, tell me how to get cuda 5 for intel graphics 4000

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          You don't.


          CUDA is an Nvidia technology for Nvidia GPUs.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            You cannot because intel graphics 4000 is not made by NVIDIA and CUDA is a proprietary NVIDIA product the only runs on a few of the CUDA enabled GPU's.


            If you are wanting to use Ray-tracing, that feature is no longer being developed even though it is still available. You'll just have to slug through the slow CPU rendering for that effect. If you have tried to install CUDA then immediately remove it because it will foul up you After Effects installation and possibly a lot of other things.


            The GPU is not really used for any other AE features so worrying about the CUDA driver is pretty much a waste of time unless you absolutely cannot do your project without Ray-traced rendering.


            There is a 3rd party Ray-traced rendering plug-in that works with CC that you might want to try. It does most of the stuff that you can do with Ray-traced rendering and does it better. Here it is: https://atomkraft.hk/aftereffects It's the best $100 I've spent on AE this year. Does not work with CC2014 yet.

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              dark-red Level 1

              I see, Thank you.