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    New to Actionscript -- Need to teach easy Games to Kids

    janeinpa Level 1
      I use Flash for Web design, and am entirely new to actionscript. Despite this, I've been tapped to teach a one week, 1/2 day camp this summer called "Creating games in Flash." I'm madly cramming actionscript, but I think most of it is way too hard for most kids. Can anyone suggest 1 or 2 easy, yet not boring games I can learn to program myself and then teach the kids. Something that will impart the principles of designing games, yet be do-able? I'd be ever so grateful!

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          MotionMaker Level 1
          There is some type of nationwide craze going on about young folks making games - it requires serious programming skills assuming the game is designed even in Flash.

          There are some Flash gaming books - look up in Amazon and see if they may help.

          In my opinion this is way too hard for kids and an ill conceived choice of a summer camp course for the duration you are considering. And Flash is not fun necessarily. Most folks new to Flash struggle with the whole time line - layer - nested timeline concept as it is depicted in the IDE.

          Find something that would allow them to make games without learning programming - a craft requiring experience.

          But perhaps your way out would be to create some games such as some of the code is template and parts can be changed such as loading different playing pieces or changing behaviors based on data values. But then an unreasonable burden for you to do for the program.