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    Export video to iDVD

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      Hello again.


      The reason for my question now is to know how to export the video and use it along with other different in iDVD.

      As much as I try in different formats, I can not get the idvd recognizes and amount.





      I'm sorry but this is a machine translation with GoogleTranslate.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          From your previous threads, it appears that you are using Premiere Elements 12 on a Mac computer.

          You should be able to use Premiere Elements 12 Mac burn to disc for your burn to. But, if you want to

          use your Premiere Elements 12 Mac Timeline in iDVD for some reason, please evaluate the following



          Export your Premiere Elements 12 Timeline as a .mov or .mp4 file (H.264.mov or AVCHD.mp4) to a

          file saved to the computer hard drive or wherever you store your movies on the Mac.


          Then import that file into iDVD according to the getting started instructions in the following



          I am strictly an Elements Windows user, so I am not sure if there is an advantage using iMovie and iDVD

          rather than Premiere Elements and iDVD. But, I am not sure why you are not using Premiere Elements for

          your import, edit, and burn to.


          Please review and let us know the outcome.


          Thank you.



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            Thank you very much for responding.



            Indeed I have reasons to use iDVD to mount and burn the disc. Fundamentally power together several videos from different sources (photos, video camera ...) previously edited with other programs. The presentation (MENU) with iDVD allows audio with no time limit and add a video boot, reproduced just insert the disc into the player that I use to display a summary of which can be seen below leading then to the main menu .



            I have used various export formats. AVCHD mainly with mp4 extension, but for some reason unknown to me iDVD does not recognize it, but the fact is that with this extension using H264, I use it regularly (with FotoMagico program). I tried also with MPEG, and exactly the same, does not recognize it.



            I recorded with self Premiere Elements, and the quality is good, but like I said before, he could prefer to export it as a file to Quicktime mov standard.



            I have read previous comments on this thread and apparently Premiere CS if exporting as mov and even think Premiere Elements using WIN too ... But not here in MAC ???.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              You should be able to export a H.264.mov file from your Premiere Elements 12/12.1 Timeline and then be able to use that file in iDVD.

              I am basing that on iDVD information

              Supported Formats for iDVD: Video, Audio and Image File Formats Workable with iDVD on Mac


              I need to know the project preset and the properties of your Premiere Elements project to give you exact settings, but here is the idea....





              if you have a 1920 x 1080 16:9 project, then you set Presets = NTSC DV 16:9. At this point, if you do nothing, you have the wrong settings.

              You next need to click on the Advanced Button there and then the Video Tab in the Expert Settings dialog that you will see. It is under the Video Tab that you customize

              the settings for this H.264.mov. (H.264 video compression with a .mov wrapper/container format).

              You select your Video codec, frame rate, and the rest of the essential details.

              (I can help you with the final details)


              Have you been there and done all that. That is classical setup. It should work.



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                Thank you very much for responding.



                Lo siento, lo siento....


                Efectivamente, después de re-leer el manual de instrucciones del Premiere elements, y de buscar opciones para salvar el video, descubro que hay muchas mas opciones de las 3 que salen por defecto, y entre ellas la famosa QUICkQTIME con multitud de codec y tamaños y tal para elegir.

                Eso era lo que yo buscaba y no encontraba, ya solo queda elegir uno que sea rápido y no altere la imagen en exceso para poder posteriormente exportarlo al IDVD.




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                  Ya por fin he conseguido realizar un proyecto de prueba de 1 minuto editando con premiere elements y exportando a iDVD, el resultado ha quedado mal por no se que motivo, pero ha quedado en 4:3 o similar, eso no es ningun problema, solo se trataba de una prueba, ajustare el tamaño de la pantalla de salida... es solo cuestion de afinar y limar las asperezas.




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                    If you give me the details of your Premiere Elements 12 Mac project, I will post exact Advanced Export Settings for your Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime.

                    Here is an example....if you have a 1920 x 1080p25 project and you want to export that as H.264.mov (1920 x 1080 @ 25 progressive frames per second), your Advanced Export Settings Video Tab area should be set up looking like the following after you set Publish+Share/Computer/QuickTime Presets = NTSC DV 16:9

                    and click on the Advanced Button there to bring up the Export Settings dialog


                    1. Set the Video Codec = H.264

                    2. Remove the chain link in the box to the right of Width and Height so that you can type in Width = 1920 and Height = 1080

                    3. Set the rest under Video Tab as seen.

                    4. When you get to Bitrate Settings (cut off in the following view), put a check mark next to "Limit data rate to" and type in 7000 for the kbps.


                    When you click OK to the customized Export Settings, you will get a Choose Name dialog.

                    Just name the preset and OK out of there.


                    When we have the details of your particular project, we can insert the appropriate values into that Export Settings



                    Please let us know the outcome.


                    Thank you.



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                      He probado de varias maneras, consiguiendo dominar el resultado, y obteniendo el tamaño adecuado es decir 16:9, PAL  etc.....


                      El unico inconveniente, si se puede llamar asi, es que algunos codec son mas rápidos que otros, hay algunos (varios) que por ejemplo tardan en procesar 7 minutos de video mas de una hora, sin embargo otros tan solo tardan unos pocos minutos, sin embargo no se si eso al pasarlo a DVD se notará y traducirá en una perdida de calidad.


                      Cual sería el mejor codec que manteniendo la calidad sea a la vez mas rápido ???



                      Gracias por su interes.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        Thanks for the update.


                        It looks like iDVD support will direct your choices. But, for best quality, I would suggest that you stay with H.264.mov or AVCHD.mp4 when you are dealing with iDVD in that Mac computer environment.


                        If you take your Premiere Elements Timeline and burn it to DVD, what is the burn time for the burn to disc DVD?

                        If you take that same Premiere Elements Timeline, export it to file H.264.mov (1920 x 1080 @ 25 progressive frames per second), take that file into iDVD, what is the burn time for burn to disc DVD?


                        I ask those questions to try to determine if the burn time is being influenced by

                        a. complexity of the content


                        b. the burn software that iDVD uses


                        I am assuming that you would be using the same burner and same DVD write speed in each case.


                        Please let us know if I have targeted your question. If not, please supply more details, and I will think about this some more.


                        Thank you.



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                          Gracias otra vez.


                          Bueno realmente hace varios años que no grabo sistemáticamente mis proyectos en DVD como tal, es decir un disco físico. lo que realmente hago es una imagen o bien una carpeta VIDEO_TS.


                          El tiempo de  demora por el que preguntaba antes me refería al codec utilizado por el premiere elements para convertir el proyecto en un archivo .mov. Utilizando por ejemplo el Apple pro res 422 (cuyo resultado es bastante buen, o el PAL DV 16:9, el H264, el Apple intermediate codec, etc, etc...


                          Estoy ahora intentando estandarizar la duracion del proceso de codificacion, utilizando un minuto de video e intentando que el idvd lo reconozca, porque a todo esto aun encuentro algunos codecs que no los reconoce.

                          A manera de ejemplo el apple pro res 422 utiliza aproximadamente 30 minutos para comprimir en mov un unico minuto de proyecto del premiere elements. (lo cual me parece mucho).


                          Gracias por sus mensajes.