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    What is the best hardware and network setup?




      I'm looking for the best setup for my hardware to go with CC


      I mainly edit from RED files.  I transcode the files to ProRes HQ or Proxy (depending on volume), then edit in Premiere and After Effects.


      I have the new Mac Pro and 2 Pegasus RaIDS - 18TB and 6TB.  However as I was losing so much time waiting for Transcodes to complete and for AE files to render, I bought a 2nd Mac Pro so I can use 1 for editing and 1 for Transcode / Render.


      Now to me, this seemed simple and having watched this - Adam Pertofsky, editorand partner, Rock Paper Scissors Pro video editing apps and tools | Adobe Creative Cloud - and having worked in numerous edit suites over the years, it should be straightforward, right?  However I have now spent 5 days in discussion with Apple going from Enterprise to Servers to CPU divisions and they don't seem to understand what I want.


      Can someone tell me what is the best way to set this up in a simple, effective way, so I can get back to editing?


      Many thanks