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    Change Permission


      I have moved Lightroom from a PC to a Mac. My pictures were stored on an external drive on my PC so I connected the drive to the Mac. Everything in Lightroom works fine , I have access to my pics and can process them. I cannot however download pictures from my camera. It seems my Hard Drive is in Read Only. I have attempted to change the Permission to Read & Write unsuccessfully. Here what I did so Far.

      -Selected Local Disk folde

      - Chose File>Get info

      - Clicked on Sharing & Permissions ( It shows Read Only)

      Now this is where I am stuck, The instruction in Apple Support says" Select User or Group from the name column and choose the Pop-up menu in the privilege column ( this is where the Read & Write option should appear)

      All I see in the Name column is "Local Disk" in pale grey I cannot click on it to get a pop-up menu. Can someone help with this issue, thanks

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          racinepr Level 1

          I have found the answer to this problem. This will affect everyone going from Lightroom on a PC to a Mac using an external drive to store photos. The reason that I could not change the Read Only Permission after I connected it to the Mac is that the Hard Drive had originally been Formatted on a PC. There are two solutions to this

          1) Get Sotware downloaded on the Mac that enables it to read a PC formatted Hard Disk

          2) Temporarily transfer all photos to another drive, once the HD is empty reformat it with Mac and transfer photos back on to HD

          I chose # 2, had over 10000 photos and the who;e operation took about 40 minutes.

          Hope this helps others who encounter this issue