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    Need help with changing values in a form

    Dusty Road Level 1

      Need help with changing values in a form.  Need to add a half to the number already in use ie, 4.5, 3.5 etc.  Have added values to binding, tried using data patterns, but the totals table will not recognize the .5 number nor calculate it in the total.  Here is the totals script

      form1.lastpage6.nonexpanding6.table3.row5.total::calculate = (FormClac, Client)


      $.rawValue = form1.lastpage6.nonexpanding6.Table3.Row1.Customerservice.rawValue

      + form1.lastpage6.nonexpanding6.Table3.Row2.Jobduties.rawValue

      + form1.lastpage6.nonexpanding6.Table3.Row3.Worktraits.rawValue

      + form1.lastpage6.nonexpanding6.Table3.Row4.Policycompliance.rawValue


      The fields are a drop down list with text of 5 and 4.5, and there are 5 separate fields with number all contain whole and half number.

      the binding is name of the field default is normal specify value ites if the 5 and 4.5


      Thanks for hints.