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    Fix Bad Anti-aliasing of Curve Ends?


      I'm a long time user of Flash (since Flash 4), and at some stage or other, anti-aliasing of the ends of curves seems to have been screwed up.. I can't remember which version this problem was introduced.


      To illustrate the problem I'm talking about, I have made this exciting and informative image:




      Notice how the anti-aliasing of the curve actually sticks out beyond the actual shape? Makes it look super ugly. So pretty much every time you export something like this to an image, you have to edit it manually to fix the flaw.


      Why is it like this? It's been a problem for many years, but hasn't been fixed yet - is there a reason...? I'm a little confused Why doesn't this problem annoy everyone that uses Flash?


      Is there anything I can do to fix it on my end?