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    LR Mobile won't sync photos

    Terry_Straehley Level 1

      I have been trying all day to sync photos with LR mobile.  I have LR 5.6 on Win7x64 and LR Mobile on an iPad 3 with iOS 8.02.  I have checked that the setup on both machines is in accordance with instructions.  It started out that the mobile was sitting searching for collections while my desktop was trying to sync.  I then deleted the mobile app and reinstalled it. I have two collections one with one photo and another with 146 photos set up in LR to sync with mobile. LR is saying that it's syncing 146 photos.  Both collections do show up on the mobile, both with zero (0) photos and have been sitting that way for a half hour.  It appears that no photos are coming across. I assume that the photos must be uploaded to the "cloud" first and then show up on the iPad.  When I touch the little cloud on my iPad screen it says "up to date" (whatever that means).  My destop LR still says "syncing 146 photos".  My iPad shows "2 collections with 0 Photos".   How can I fix this?