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    removing background messes up my image


      Hi guys,


      (hope i posted this in a correct section ;x )

      im trying to add my logo to a template in after effects


      the project should be easy to modify, it has a section called "your edit here, so you can drag your logo/image onto the composition which has a black background in the project.


      but the image im trying to add has a transparent background, i have tried deleting the background the project uses, have it not show up in explorer, adding my own transparent bg etc etc


      so i remove the background or hide the bg from composition

      and it will work fine when previewing except for the last 10 sec of the video, the logo will transform into some blurry mess

      here a pic to illustrate




      wheni keep the background black everything will work from first to final frames and it looks like this




      if lets say i re-size the background to half its size it will look like this, the half that still has the bg behind it will display normally the other half of the image without background  is deformed again

      imgur: the simple image sharer


      im no expert at all, just wanted to edit this template which has turned out to be a headache, if anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated.

      if not , all good, good day guys ^^

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Sorry, but possession of an AE template is no guarantee of AE success; their makers assume you have AE knowledge.

          Since you seem to lack it, we'll need a lot more information:

          FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?

          and don't forget to include screen shots of the timeline and the project windows.  I know you tried, but there isn't enough for a good diagnosis.

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What kind of image are you trying to add and how do you know it has a transparent background. If there was truly an alpha channel and the value of the transparent part was 0 then it would be transparent. If the value is anything else then there is partial transparency.  Check the info palette:


            Here's the info palette when the cursor is over an area of partial transparency


            This is what it looks like when you are over an area of complete transparency:


            The second shot if the info panel is what a comp should look like with only your logo file in the project and the cursor over the transparent areas.


            For us to tell what's going on make sure that you have your problem file selected in the project panel so we can see the properties, then select the problem layer in the timeline and press the U key twice to reveal all changed properties. If the problem layer is a pre-comp then you'll need to drill down to the location of the original footage that is giving you problems. Without this info I can only assume that your logo file does not truly have a transparent background. If it does, then there's something wrong with the way the file has been added to the timeline.

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              blueskyeabove Level 1

              i actually created a logo from scratch in photoshop with alpha channel present.


              thanks for your replies but it was a roughen edges effect that messed up the logo.


              this thread can be locked or whatever