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    cuePoints with the MediaDisplay component

    Greg Dove Level 4

      I'm curious about whether I did something wrong here or if this is "normal". I had a problem as follows:

      -using MediaDisplay component, with fully loaded flv.
      -cuePoints set at runtime before starting to play
      -Everything works - cuePoint events fire during play of the video.

      From some other event-based code, I occasionally need to adjust the playheadTime property of the video. I observed that whenever I did this the cuePoints between the current timecode and the target timecode all fire. I can understand that maybe that's useful for some purposes, but not for what I wanted. So before changing the playheadTime property, I tried using removeEventListener to remove the cuePoint listener before the playheadTime change and reinstating it afterwards, but they still fired. Has anyone else encountered this?

      I was able to code a workaround (and its all working as it should) but I just wanted to check if this was something others had encountered. If not then I guess there's something else wrong with my original code.