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    Fireworks CS6 does not let me edit type


      Long story short: Up until a couple weeks ago, Fireworks CS6 was working just fine on my iMac, along with the rest of CS6 (ID, PS, IL, DW). The computer started having problems, and I discovered a bad RAM board which was replaced. Then I decided to wipe the drive and do a fresh reinstallation of the OS and all software. No problems.


      Except this major one: Fireworks CS6 no longer allows me to use the text tool. Attempting to select an existing text box, or trying to create a new text box results in a spinning beachball.


      I use Linotype FontExplorer X. Thinking that it might be an issue with a glitch somewhere in the font libraries (which I had copied over from the drive clone I'd made before the wipe), I purged them ALL and spent two hours recreating them from scratch. Then went into FW expecting it to work. No change: spinning beachball.


      I removed and reinstalled FW completely. No change: spinning beachball.


      I went to use FW CS5.1, and it let me edit text again. Hooray, a temp solution to at least stay productive. However the second time I went into FW CS5.1, the same exact problem manifested. Spinning beachball.


      I deleted my Fireworks preference files at root level. No change: spinning beachball.


      I'm at my wits end. I have work to do! How do I fix this?


      iMac (mid-2011) 2.5 GHz, 16GB RAM, OS 10.6.8 Snow Leopard