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    Rasterizing a PDF for ebook conversion

    AlexHurst Level 1



      I have a client who wants to retain all formatting from a print version of their book in ebook formats. This elements include headers, images (centered or in-line), and multiple graphic text boxes. I created an ebook file the normal way, with text reflow, images on their own pages so that they could be read, but now the client is frustrated by the lack of headers which would have connected the images to the chapter titles they preceed (he does not want to put the images after the chapter titles).


      Basically, I am wondering what the process is for rasterizing a PDF to make each page it's own individual image. Is there a way to do this with an exported PDF, or do I need to go into InDesign and play with export options to make this happen. I know it has been done before... The ebook version of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, for example, is just one zoomable image per page, and I have seen some magazines do the same thing.


      Any help appreciated!