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    Purchase vs subscription

    Bill@VT Level 7

      Today, an individual indicated they could not find the full price version for Acrobat ($299 or $199 upgrade). I spent a lot of time on the Adobe site where I used to find such a link and it seems to be gone entirely. There is an option for the students and faculty, but no longer for others. There are folks who want to purchase the regular version and not the subscription (Can I purchase an Adobe Acrobat XI  license for a one-time or annual fee, or do I have to start a monthly subscription?). Is that gone? If so, I would suggest that Adobe may lose a few more customers. I have heard rumors about Adobe trying to force all the a subscription service and I see resistance from customers. I suggest this is a bad move. Does someone have an answer?

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          lrosenth Adobe Employee

          Acrobat is available both as perpetual as well as subscription and will remain so.  However, we do prefer customers to use subscription (it's better for them as well as us) so that is what the site drives you towards.

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            try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            That might be the case, but the link to purchase it seems indeed to be gone

            from the website. Before it was just difficult to find it, not it's


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              lrosenth Adobe Employee

              I had ZERO problem finding it.


              I went to Adobe.com, then clicked on Products, it showed me all the products.   I clicked the Buy button.  It then offered me a choice of how I wanted to buy it, and from there I can choose Full.    See screenshot at http://drops.pdfsages.com/1gb9L

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                Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                I am having the same problem. Maybe it's a browser specific thing. Here is

                how I managed to put a perpetual license version into my shopping card:


                Go to http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/pricing.html and add a

                subscription to your shopping cart by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.

                It does not matter which version you add, we will remove it in a second

                again. This will bring up your shopping cart. Now remove the subscription

                by clicking on the "Remove" button. On the next page click on the "Continue

                Shopping" button. Now click on the "Buy" button associated e.g. with Adobe

                Acrobat XI Pro. Now you can change the "I want to buy" setting to the

                "Full" license.


                Leonard, you may want to have somebody investigate this problem. I am using

                Safari on Mac OS Mavericks, and I've had this problem at least since about

                a week.

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                  try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Here's what I was doing:

                  - Go to adobe.com

                  - Click on Menu, Acrobat

                  - Click the yellow Buy button in the gray box on the right, under "Acrobat XI Pro".

                  - Get this screen, with only subscription options in sight:




                  I tried going through All Products in the Menu and that did bring me to the page you've shown, but it is very confusing that the direct Acrobat link doesn't offer this option.


                  Edit: This is using Firefox 32 on Windows 7, by the way.

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                    Bill@VT Level 7

                    A lot of good info. However, I never found it and find that the current structure on the web site is not acceptable. I have used the link where you say buy and "then" it gives a choice of the full or upgrade versions in a drop-down menu that most folks would miss. I see this as deceiving.


                    Actually, when I go to the Adobe.com web site I am shocked at the poor interface that provides so little useful info up front. Apparently there is some design person that has different thoughts about the web, but most of us go to sites to find things, not try to figure out how to navigate some monster. In fact, the choice of light white on black when away after the old B&W or green monitors of the late 80s when color came in. The site is extremely unfriendly to folks with sight problems and is extremely confusing. What is the problem with the old style that had a menu and options all on a single screen. It was a very useful and friendly page and that has gone away for some glitz that has marginal use. In fact, it seems someone keeps changing the web site almost monthly, making it hard to find things.

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                      Bill@VT Level 7

                      Just for the record, ANOTHER potential customer asked on the forum about the full version. He was annoyed that he could only find the subscription. This needs to be fixed in the web site immediately. I will not repeat my comments about how disfunctional the web site has become. Things are hard to find and there does not seem to be a menu logic like most folks are used to seeing. (Opps, I almost started my site complaints again!)

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                        try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                        Bill, are you a share-holder in Adobe? If not, why do you care if they lose customers due to their un-friendly web-site?

                        I agree with the criticism, but honestly I can't share your rage about this matter.

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                          Bill@VT Level 7

                          I really don't care in that sense, I just like to see companies play in a reasonable way. I find that this action on the web site is similar to the response many folks get about support from Adobe. If it was not for the forums, Adobe would have probably closed their doors a long time ago. I am also being sympathetic with the users who can't find what they are looking for (it is available on some pages and not on others and there is no summary of pricing anywhere). Sometimes, some little things just get under your skin and you have to reply, not that anyone at Adobe listens even to us. Of course, MS did not listen to their beta testers of Win 8 and did not leave the standard start button alone and they got blasted by many users for that step and many looking for how to go back to XP or Win 7. Of course, the MS fix is to come out with a new OS. The users solution is to use a 3rd party product to get the start button that is useful.

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                            Allta Media Adobe Community Professional

                            Leonard - this seems to be the only way to find the Full and Upgrade options. All the others paths don't offer any perpetual options.Seems very confusing.

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                              Bill@VT Level 7

                              There were to folks on the Acrobat forum today asking how to get the upgrade purchase. It aapears to most that Adobe does not want to sell anything but the subscription. That needs to be fixed. There may be business models that like the subscription, but there are a lot of folks out there that do not. In my analogy it is like the push for folks to use the cloud. I remember back when I got my first PC that it so great to no longer have to deal with an rje terminal or cards to work with the mainframe. OK, the cloud is quit a bit different, but I still prefer to work on my machine and not depend on being connected, a situation that is not always possible.

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                                try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                You're aware that the subscription model does NOT require one to be connected to the internet constantly, right? Only about once a month or so...

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                                  lrosenth Adobe Employee

                                  It’s once every 90 days, actually.


                                  And Bill – YES, we DO prefer that users purchase the subscription version and not perpetual.  Not because it’s in our best interest, but because it’s in theirs.  As we’ve shown with the Creative Cloud, with a subscription-based model we can provide our users with MORE functionality, fixes and improvements MUCH MORE often then the current 18-24 month cycle.   We can’t do that with perpetual.

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                                    Bill@VT Level 7

                                    I just tried the links again and this time there was absolutely no option to get an upgrade or other link. There is currently a post (I have Acrobat 9 Pro and read I can upgrade to XI pro for $199.00. How do I do that?) asking about the upgrade. I even got to the page that listed the upgrade prices, but could find no link to order the upgrade. What the hell is going on? We try to help folks and are told that both the full product and upgrade are still available, but the Adobe site seems to have totally removed all links to these options. Would someone from Adobe please go to this post I listed and explain on the forums why they can't find the link. I am getting tried of trying to help them when Adobe is screwing around with the web site to make it impossible to help them.


                                    If there is an obvious link, please let us know so we can help these folks. Otherwise quit claiming the full version and upgrade are still available. I apologize for sounding so negative, but this has been going on for several weeks (or months?) and nothing has been fixed, only gotten worse. I see no other place to post the issue and so I am complaining here.


                                    I got onto Chat and entered my concerns. He gave the following link: Products. I also asked about other ways to get there and he said it was also possible from the page listing the prices. To do that, you have to go to the bottom of the page and select products. The fact that Full and Upgrade are so hidden is frustrating. At least I got help with the link. Here are some of the comments I got from the chat:


                                    ---Adobe: As the website is redesigned the older pages were replaced

                                    ---Adobe: The page where you see as upgrade you just need to click there.

                                    ---Adobe: It's a dropdown menu and you will find all the options there itself.

                                    ---Adobe: For all the dropdowns, there will be a down arrow pointing down and you need to select your requirements appropriately.


                                    The chat folks tried to help and that I found good. The rep also said he would pass the info up the chain. What I find frustrating is that apparently someone has decided to make it extremely difficult to order the full or upgrade versions, or they would be listed right with the subscriptions at PDF creator, edit PDF | Adobe Acrobat XI subscription. Actually, the whole site is a nightmare and appears to be designed by some designer, not someone trying to get information.


                                    The links that were being given earlier, no longer offer the selections. So during the existence of this discussion, the problem has only gotten worse. I would not be surprised if the link I offer above (from the chat folks) will not work within the week. If that is the case, I can see Adobe losing customers. Keep in mind that for someone that depends on Acrobat for business, even the special price of $14.99 a month adds up to $360 over 2 years, $70 more than the cost of the full product. This might be fine for some big businesses, but not for the small guy. I do see it to Adobe's advantage to pull in the $$. OK, enough for my rant for the night.

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                                      try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                      Here are the instructions I've compiled to achieve it. They have worked consistently so far:

                                      Go to the Adobe Products Page.

                                      Click on the Buy button next to Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, and then change the "I want to buy" option to "Full" (or "Upgrade" if you have a qualifying earlier version).

                                      Then select the other options and click on Add To Cart, and proceed to checkout. You'll get a full license, not a time-based subscription.

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                                        Bill@VT Level 7

                                        That works, but most folks with the hard to see web site (the button you are talking about is subdued at the bottom and hard to see) click on menu and select Acrobat from the list there. This is the Acrobat page, not the product page. The selection of buy does now give the options so it appears the site has been fixed to some extent for this option.