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    Problem with adding a server in Coldfusion Builder 3


      My Coldfusion 11 server is running in a virtual machine.

      When I add a server I enter following data:

      Server Name: CF KOV

      Application Server: CF+Tomcat

      Host name:

      Webserver port: 8500

      Select 'Is Remote'


      This will add a server which status is 'Stopped'.


      When I read the manual of Coldfusion Builder 3 I see that I have to start a Admin Server Instance with adminstart.bat
      This adminstart.bat isn't installed.

      Where can I find this bat file?

      Should I stop the service 'ColdFusion 11 Application Server' and all other Coldfusion services?


      While installing COldfusion 11 I used the option 'Server configuration' and not the 'JEE configuration'