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    How to run an Edge Animate animation on SharePoint 2007



      I have an Edge Animate animation that I can't figure out how to setup to run on SharePoint 2007.

      I have tried using a Content Editor Webpart but untill now without any luck.

      I hope someone in here will be able to help.


      Right now my code look like this;

      .edgeframe {
          background: #FFF;
      margin-top: 0px;

      <div class="edgeframe">

        <object id="EdgeID" type="text/html"   width="960" height="700" src="http://fls-teamsites/application/SPoudemo5/TSETdevelopment/Shared%20Documents/ten_commandm ents_its.html">

      I'm really hoping that someone will be able help me with this task.