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    CC 2014 package folder fonts question

    matthewdee Level 1

      I'm in CC 2014 I had a client send me a package with all links and fonts, when I open  the .indd file inside the main folder of the package I get the update links? box. Once the links update I get the Typekit dialogue box which shows I have 4 missing fonts ( no matching fonts in Typekit. When I click Find Font I see the orange symbols with the missing font but I already know that the missing fonts are NOT on my computer ( I have a Mac) But the fonts are in the fonts folder within the package. I also see ( in the dID font drop down, the fonts missing are in parenthesis.


      SO my questions here are as follows:


      do I ALWAYS need to EXTRACT fonts from the fonts folder in the package and place in my computer when I have this situation?