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    Linux - We need this....

      Hello Adobe,

      With Linux support in the making I can't express how important it is for AIR to allow developers to execute other applications from an AIR app. It should even allow the developer to interact with the command line. Meaning that a developer can receive printed text and pass key strokes to the executed app in an interactive manner. Think KCommander ( http://www.kcommander.org/).

      Right now AIR is positioned to open up the door to mainstream development of Linux cross-distribution applications. Write it once and it runs on ubuntu, redhat, etc. No need for messing with rpm, deb, etc.

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          From what I've heard, the reasons for not including command-line access or the ability to execute programs, is to ensure compatibility for AIR applications across all operating systems. As soon as you have the ability to launch external apps from your AIR application, people will start bundling .exes and .dlls with their package, thus destroying the whole principle of cross compatibility.

          While I'm very much on the side of "please can we have command line access?", I'm not holding my breathe. for these very reasons.
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            xwisdom Level 1

            So what happends if you want to start and/or stop a service? What do you do?

            IMO think it would be very sad to prevent AIR from interacting with other applications.

            There will be times when an application will be built to target a specify operating system. For example, An AIR app designed to provides an easy to use user interface to a config file.

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              duncanhall Level 1
              Someone at FITC mentioned an AIR project that was bundled within a python script, allowing it access, via proxy, to other applications. This method might be ok for some, but it's still not really ideal though.

              There may still be some hope though. A quick browse through this slightly out of date page on Adobe labs:

              AIR:Developer FAQ

              throws up this:

              Will developers be able to extend Adobe AIR with native code?
              No. This functionality will not be available in Adobe AIR 1.0.

              Will Adobe AIR applications be able to launch default applications for a file type?
              No. This feature is not planned for version 1.0.

              Will Adobe AIR applications be able to directly launch native applications?
              No. This functionality will not be available in Adobe AIR 1.0.

              The addition of "in Adobe AIR 1.0" in those answers gives me some hope that we might see it in a future release.