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    Withdrawal of support by Adobe


      Adobe has a policy of not supporting any of its software except cloud.  THIS IS SHAMEFUL!

      As a great deal of Adobe users prefer not to use cloud for reasons of privacy and security and choose to buy software outright rather than rent it, this policy shows a disgraceful disregard for loyal customers who have bought many adobe products, including some very recent purchases (within 4 months!) of expensive products such as the CS6 suite.

      My issue began when trying to download my 4 month old licensed copy of Photoshop CS6 from the Adobe downloads page.  Having found the downloads and saved them on to my new computer, I could not get them to install on Windows 8.1 despite many hours of trying different options.  The published instruction sheet accompanying the download was irrelevant as it obviously referred to options you would choose on an earlier version of Windows.

      On calling Adobe, I was shocked to discover the only recourse to help offered by adobe was to direct me to the forums, blatantly refusing support the software on my upgrade to CS6 (even though they only sold it to me via download in June and is not exactly inexpensive) I had to battle to get any kind of help at all, and only when pointing out that in the UK, manufacturers are obliged to support consumers for products of up to 6 years, and informed of my intent to call trading standards and contact the BBC (I have done this with a large corporation before and won and would do it again).  They eventually agreed (via a supervisor) to get a technician to call me back within 48 hours. This was not acceptable so I insisted on sooner and eventually they agreed.


      When the technician called, she was excellent and solved the problem right away in an expert, personable and efficient manner, so now I have photoshop working again after 24 hours of trying to load the wretched thing. The reason it would not install was simple, but unless someone told you why, an ordinary photographer or application user could not possibly have known about it as it was not detailed on the instruction sheet.


      I feel that if Adobe, were to offer to send their products on a disc, all of this aggravation could be avoided as programmes can easily be re-installed that way.  I also feel that the management of that company are almost trying to blackmail us into going on to the cloud, when many of us have very good and valid reasons for not wanting this.

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          c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

          This is a user Forum so you may well get agreement from users but maybe you should also add your support to an existing Feature Request on the issue (and add your comment there).

          Dump the mandatory CC subscriptions and give us perpetual licenses!

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            Test Screen Name Most Valuable Participant

            You could also help people in the future by sharing what you learned from Adobe, if you want to.

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              Adobe support is not what it should be it has always  been poor as far as I know.  Adobe is not likely to change this, their focus is on changing products. There is some support and its geared to current  products levels. Adobe does not care about old levels of code,  Adobe only works on current level of code.  Even in the Cloud the Photoshop Cloud CS6 version 13.1.2 which is different then the perpetual CS6  versions 13.0.6 Mac and Windows and Photoshop CC version 14.2.1 are listed as previous version of Photoshop.   There will be no new fixes coded for old versions.  The Current version is version of Photoshop 15.2...


              Adobe support is clearly what their Management wants for you don't see their support changing any. Adobe does fund this site....


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                Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

                Not trying to sound like a jerk but the writing was on the wall for CS6's support and updates for months now. CS6 not getting any new features should have been a signal to those still buying into CS6 and expecting the level of support that CC users get. Caveat emptor.


                One has a license to *use* the software, not own it in the strictest sense. It's been this way since way before cloud subs were created. One doesn't own CS6 any more than I own CC 2014. The only difference is one is sub-based and other is a "permanent license" (which basically now means, "good luck on future-proofing, you're gonna need it").