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    InDesign CC no List-items in HTML export


      In the HTML-Export from InDesign CC the List-number or also the list-item (a.e. bullet) would not exported when I chose the export as list. I get the items when I change to export it as text, but then I lose the <li> tag.

      I would like to have the <li> tag AND a span (or something else) with the list-item/number like it was in InDesign CS6 Export!


      When you make a title hierarchy with automatically numbered titles you lose all numbers, also in epub export.

      That can't be?


      Any ideas or solutions?


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          Yves Apel - IC Level 2



          since bullets and numbers are generated automatically by the reader/browser when an <ul>/<ol> structure is available, it should work. Can you post an example InDesign file?



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            asdfasd123 Level 1

            Here two screenshots from my InDesign File:

            Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-15 um 11.07.29.png

            Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-15 um 11.08.28.png

            On the first you can see two titles, who continous on the second screenshot. They're made with the list function in Indesign, so it gives the numbers automatically. But the numbers are missing in the export and in the HTML I've got only «1 Einführung, 1 Handlungsabläufe...» And that's also in the epub export! Do I need to set the numbers manually in the InDesign???


            The other thing are the 3 points «…» in front of the list (first screenshot). The special character «…» wouldn't exported and in HTML doesn't exist a list-type-style like this. I must define a new element before the li tag like this in CSS:

            li.Text-Aufzaehlung-dreipunkt {


              margin:0 0 0 1.4em;

              text-indent: -1.4em;


            li.Text-Aufzaehlung-dreipunkt:before {

              content: "\2026" " "; /* add the 3points */


            This is not so bad. It works. But it takes longer to configure.

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              Yves Apel - IC Level 2

              OK, I can see why it does not show the numbers.


              list-style-type:none; must be list-style-type:decimal; to show up the numbers in epub.

              Is it possible that you have defined the Numbering style format "none" in the paragraph style and applied the format 1, 2, 3, 4, as manual override by removing the manual overrides again on epub export? This would create the situation you explain above.

              Please set the Paragraph style numbering format.




              As for three points I personally prefer fake lists over the CSS content solution. The later one does not work on some devices or depending on the font selected in the reader. As said, a personal intention.

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                asdfasd123 Level 1

                No, I define the numbers with the format 1,2,3,4, there is no manual override!

                In InDesign the numbers are completely automatically (I can't mark them with the text curser).


                How would you layouting a book with such a title hierarchy a.e.:

                1. Theme

                     1.1 Topic

                     1.2 Topic

                2. Theme

                     2.1 Topic

                3. Theme

                     3.1 Topic

                     3.2 Topic

                     3.3 Topic


                Normally I made 2 paragraph styles and generate the numbers automatically, so I don't have to look if I type the correct numbers in.

                Here now the HTML export from CC

                Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-15 um 13.52.55.png

                and for compare the HTML export from CS 6

                Bildschirmfoto 2014-10-15 um 13.53.12.png

                The numbers are in CS 6 correct, but in the new version…   How can I get the correct numbers without typing the numbers manually?

                I can export them as text, but then if I had also a «normal» list with numbers anywhere in the book, there will be missing the list-elements.


                That I configure the list-items separately over the CSS… thats true, it's may better!

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                  Yves Apel - IC Level 2

                  Ok, now I understand much better.


                  The lists in CS6 are "in text converted lists" even if it has not been selected on export and even if there is an <li> in the markup. This was wrong from nearly every point of markup and accessibility. Adobe has tested some things like this one for ePub in CS6 and they have failed so they learned and did it much better in CC. CS6 is not good to create ePub's nor to learn how to create ePub's.


                  You need to understand automatic lists in HTML. If you use <ul> or <ol> (automatic lists), the number before the text is auto-generated. You will not see this number in the markup. Unfortunately, the appearance is nearly completely predesigned and can't be changed. Ex. the punctuation behind the number, etc. That's not the fault of Adobe or InDesign. It is like it is.


                  Now, if you want to create custom styled numbering, you need in any case to convert your lists to text. Then, the appearance will be retained and the numbers or bullets will be visible in the markup and they are wrapped by a <p> (as it is no real list anymore). But you loose accessibility.


                  You can do this for all lists on ePub export. Unfortunately, if you want to retain some automatic lists, they will be all converted.

                  Or, you select the lists in InDesign which you want to retain the appearance and convert the B&N already in InDeign to text. In this case you will get problems with indents, but you can modify this later in the CSS. The only thing you need to respect, using this workaround is that the number (that you converted in InDesign from auto-generated to real text) has a character style applied. As I see on your screenshots, you are german speaking, so you might use the following tutorial to change and handle indents in the CSS: Einzüge bei (fake) Listen und Fußnoten