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    Can't Save or Undo in InDesign 2014


      I have Indesign CC 2014 last updated it 50 days ago to Build

      I am on OSX 10.9.5.


      This is now a daily occurence.

      I'll be working away on a document, not doing anything unusual, I'll do the cmd Z shortcut but it won't work, I then go to Edit to do it manually but the command is grey, not black.

      Then I'll notice I can't save. I can't use the Save, Save a copy or Save as commands. They are also grey and not black in the menu.

      I can continue work but there's no point if I can't save. I have to quit and hope the autosave has been working.

      This is not always the case, as I can work without noticing it has happened and by the time I notice the last autosave was a while ago - it seems to be affected too.

      The only way for me to salvage what I have done is to Export an Imdl file, quit and then re-start and open the imdl.

      This is not ideal.


      I contacted Adobe via live chat and I was told to reset the preferences, I did this and it did not work.


      Please help.