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    Best way to handle large amount of text

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      hello everyone

      My project involves handling large amount of text.(from conferences and
      Most of them r in Ms Word. I can turn them into RTF format.
      I dont want to use scrolling. I prefer turning pages(next, previous, last,
      contents). which means I need to break them into chunks.
      Currently the process is awkward and slow.

      I know there wud b lots of people working on similar projects.
      Could anyone tell me an easy way to handle text. Bring them into cast and
      break them.

      any ideas would be appreciated

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          johnAq Level 1
          Do you have any formatting to maintain, or is it plain text?

          Ideally you would want a system that stores the entire text for a particular document in one place and then breaks it up piece by piece in Lingo. If you have only plain text this is quite easy, if you need formatting I'd recommend something like basic HTML or RTF markup which you can store in text files or field members and display in you on stage member page-by-page.

          You could write a script that calculates how much text can fit on a page, or you could manually paginate the text so it breaks where you want it to by using a particular character or character sequence that you search for to use a page breaks at runtime


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            hi johnAq

            yeah I now have an idea.
            Im hoping u could provide me some pseudo code. the steps u know. If possible
            I'll work the real thing out.


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              Hacking up a document with lingo will probably loose the rtf formatting

              Here's a bit of code to find the physical position of a given line of on
              screen text (counting returns is not accurate with word wrapped lines)

              This stragety uses charPosToLoc to get actual position for the text
              member's current width and font size

              maxHeight = 780 -- arbitrary display height limit
              T = member("sourceText").text
              repeat with i = 1 to T.line.count
              endChar = T.line[1..i].char.count
              lineEndlocV = charPosToLoc(member "sourceText", endChar).locV
              if lineEndlocV > maxHeight then -- fount "1 too many" line

              -- extract identified lines "sourceText"
              -- perhaps repeat parce with remaining part of "sourceText"

              singlePage = T.line[1..i - 1]
              member("sourceText").text = T.line[i..99999] -- put remaining text back
              into source text member

              If you want to use one of the roundabout ways to display pdf in
              director. There might be some batch pdf production tools that can create
              your pages in pretty scalable pdf format.

              I think flashpaper documents can be adapted to director.