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    Is Captivate what I need?


      So far my journey into E-Learning has been to use PowerPoint to create PowerPoint Show's (ppsx) adding questions along the way to test understanding. I have not yet had the need to publish the content on our Intranet as it sits on our central server available to all. This though is a natural progression as I will need to offer both the ability to attend classroom style training along with the flexibility of self led learning.


      My real question if I understand the ability & limitations of Adobe Presenter is whether I should be looking at Captivate instead of Presenter - or possibly both! My biggest and urgent need is to be able to create self led learning content on IT Systems such as SAP and other company specific IT systems.


      I believe that I cannot 'video' screen movements in real time in Presenter but can in Captivate, am I right in this? Your thoughts on Presenter, Captivate or a better platform to achieve what I need would be gratefully received!

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          RodWard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Presenter comes with a bundled app called Adobe Video Creator which allows you to capture video of screens on your computer as well as a talking head of you via your web cam at the same time.


          Personally I feel that if all you are trying to do is demonstrate the software tasks and not require interactivity of the learner then this little tool is the way to go.  You can see some videos that I have created about using Adobe Captivate on my website at www.infosemantics.com.au  All of these videos were captured with Adobe Video Creator.  It's far quicker to create video tutorials using this tool than either Captivate's Video Demo feature or even Camtasia.